Instructions for Abstract Preparation


The paper offer(s) should consist of an abstract of approximately 200 words in English, followed by the name(s), affiliation and mailing address of author(s).
It should also:
· state the tentative title of the proposed paper,
· state the main conclusion(s) of the paper,
· summarize the process by which the conclusion(s) were reached,
· state the contribution of the paper to the Conference topics,
· indicate whether the paper has been offered to any other organization.
Paper offers are encouraged on, but not limited to, the following topics:
Safety –  Vehicle & Traffic Safety, ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Braking,  Accident Reconstruction & Analyses (AutoForIng 2017), Safety Regulations,
Simulation in Automotive Engineering (AutoSim 2017),
Advanced Propulsion & Powertrain – IC engines, Power Transmissions,…,
Emissions, Ecology, Alternative Energy, EV/HEV, Environment Protection,…,
Advanced Engineering Methods & Tools, and
Automotive Logistics – Maintenance, After Sales, Reliability, PLC, LMC, LCC,…